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Art Of Survival

Kingpins latest album out now on iTunes and limited edition compact disc! You can also purchase on Bandcamp for both digital and physical copies.

Following on from the successful release of his debut Hip Hop album and short anti gun film of the same name, ‘The Initiative’, UK rapper Kingpin continued to amplify his skills with the collaborative release of the award winning project  ‘Shame the Devil’ with his group Caxton Press shortly after.

Underworld Konnect are now proud to announce the forthcoming release of Kingpin’s second solo album ‘Art of Survival’.

At a time where social change, political affairs and musical evolution is at its peak, the 16 track album arrives at a timely release, with lyricism depicting the inner-city environment of London that Kingpin inhabits and musicality that marries gritty Boom Bap beats with fine tuned production that sits comfortably within the current Hip Hop charts.

Featuring beats from established and newly emerging producers including:  Chemo aka Telemachus, Strange Neighbor (Revorg records), Cappah, Chairman Maff, Pro P, Otee Scoundrel, Crossbone T this is one for both head nodding crate diggers and the new age fans of Hip Hop with its soulful jazzy samples and images of contemporary society through its subject matter.

The Art of Survival captivates its audience from the moment you press play, joining the artist on a journey through laid back boom bap beats and clever social observations to explosive, hard hitting delivery and punchy instrumentals; an accurate soundscape of Kingpin’s city life and conscious message.

This rapper certainly practises what he preaches, featuring recently on Channel 4 News as the star of “Rappers Guide to Gardening” and winning his self funded short anti gun film “The Initiative” a screening at the British Urban Film Festival. His positive messages transcend onto his multiple artistic merits. This rapper is now equipped with a highly anticipated album!

Kingpin stays true to the essence of Hip Hop that he is clearly influenced by, intelligently representing a voice of the voiceless of his community as well as impressive wordplay and street poetry. This one is sure to be a UK classic. the album will be available at his live launch event as well as all digital and in-store outlets.

Out Now!
Out Now!

Kingpin – The Initiative

kingpin-the-initiativeThe Initiative is Kingpin’s debut release and is a diverse and inspirational piece of creative work, using the English language to the highest echelon, while tackling current urban issues, such as gun crime, poverty, stereotypes and the need for escapism, incorporating occasionally humorous but often hard-hitting lyricism. The album stands out amongst current releases by using some of the finest in Europe’s undiscovered, emerging production talent.

It excels in musicianship, implementing live instrumentation to create a fusion of organic rhythms and melodies with contemporary Hip Hop beats and Old School Funk, Jazz, Reggae and Soul samples. The music features some of the UK’s most exciting established and current Hip Hop artists including Dubbledge, Kyza, Stig of the Dump, Manage, Filfy and Deadly Hunta, with production by Bas the Bastard, Danny Fresh and DJ VR……… The album is a 15 track musical journey including hard-hitting Club Bangers Like “Fire”, Soulful laid back tracks like “Oh Damn” and “Outta Here”, conscious an thought provoking content like “Lives and Breathes”, “When its Over” and “On the Corner”, as well as up-beat tracks like “I Need money” and “Out the Box”


The IRS speaks volumes

The IRS – Speaks volumes

The IRS speaks volumes
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Kingpin – I Need Money

Kingpin - I need moneyHip Hop comprised with soulful samples, hard beats and on point lyrical delivery. The song is a humorous critique on the current financial climate. The highly entertaining video presents the concept of the song excellently, portraying the individual’s quest for cash as a 16bit computer game, with Kingpin battling hoards of enemies and obstacles ‘street fighter’ style. Both the music and the video maintain a fine balance between humorous entertainment, while still remaining thought provoking, content driven and relevant.