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Art Of Survival

Kingpins latest album out now on iTunes and limited edition compact disc! You can also purchase on Bandcamp for both digital and physical copies. Following on from the successful release of his debut Hip Hop album and short anti gun film of the same name, ‘The Initiative’, UK rapper Kingpin continued to amplify his skills with […]

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Kingpin – The Initiative

The Initiative is Kingpin’s debut release and is a diverse and inspirational piece of creative work, using the English language to the highest echelon, while tackling current urban issues, such as gun crime, poverty, stereotypes and the need for escapism, incorporating occasionally humorous but often hard-hitting lyricism. The album stands out amongst current releases by […]

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The IRS speaks volumes

The IRS – Speaks volumes

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Kingpin – I Need Money

Hip Hop comprised with soulful samples, hard beats and on point lyrical delivery. The song is a humorous critique on the current financial climate. The highly entertaining video presents the concept of the song excellently, portraying the individual’s quest for cash as a 16bit computer game, with Kingpin battling hoards of enemies and obstacles ‘street […]

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