Flyer Distribution

Underworld Konnect specialises in circulating flyers and promo materials across London. If you want to get the word out about your hip hop event, we are the team for the job. Our street team provide hand to hand and exit flyering outside London’s live hip hop concerts and hip hop club promotions.

Call +44 (0) 7515 554 994 for prices


exit flyering

Hand to Hand/Exit Flyering

We know where your audience will be and you will find our team distributing flyers across the hottest spots in town helping to get the word out about the latest hip hop events.

We take the time to understand your event and target audience so we can build a unique distribution schedule to make sure we get your flyers in the right hands. We also provide reports detailing the location and quantity of flyers circulated. if you have any specific event that you would like to see your flyers circulated, then you can contact us and we will get a member of the team to your requested location.


Flyer Distribution

Shop drops

We also provide shop drops with all cooperating urban retailers. If you would like your flyers seen in some of London’s best retailers of Hip hop music and fashion, at your request we can ensure that a small quantity of flyers are there for passing trade to collect.


University drops

If requested we can place your flyer amongst the promotional materials within London Universities’ halls and Student Unions.


Online Promotion

We can promote your event on our website and via our social networking sites on Twitter and Facebook and through our mail-out.


Flyer Packs

In Summer 2013 we launched our Underworld Konnect Flyerpacks. These flyerpacks contain some of the freshest promo material for hip hop related events and products. They will be circulated in all the places that you would find our street team. So expect to see our packs outside all London’s major hip hop concerts and events, as well as in bespoke stands in selected retailers and universities.

We will also offer opportunities to advertise on the back of our flyerpacks too meaning you could have your logo placed on 12,000 flyer packs heading directly to a hip hop audience.

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