Art Of Survival

Kingpins latest album out now on iTunes and limited edition compact disc! You can also purchase on Bandcamp for both digital and physical copies. Following on from the successful release of his debut Hip Hop album and short anti gun film of the same name, ‘The Initiative’, UK rapper Kingpin continued to amplify his skills with […]

The Inititiative

The Initiative

Coming Soon, Underworld Konnect’s latest creative project is a short film written and directed by Kingpin. Check out the trailer!!



Bio: As one of the most revolutionary rappers on the British hip-hop scene, Ty embodies the intellect, talent and ferocity of an MC always destined to become a legend. Over the last decade, the Mercury Prize nominee has achieved the rare feat of establishing a legacy through his three albums and wise persona, strengthened by […]

Stig Of The Dump

Stig of the Dump

Bio: Steve Dixon is a British rapper from Newcastle who now lives in London, better known by his Stage name Stig Of The Dump. Stig is a respected recording artist that has been known around the battling scene for many years and accumulated a numerous titles such as 2x World End of the Weak Challenge […]

Pheonix Da IceFire

Pheonix Da Icefire

Bio: Triple Darkness member and Revorg records affiliate, Phoenix Da Icefire has built a dedicated fan base in the UK and beyond. Having already worked with many of the most respected artists in Hip Hop, this year he will be making another massive statement with his collaboration album with The Strange Neighbor, Cinematic. A true […]